Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

So... this is me. On Sunday, I abseiled The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, to raise funds for local children's hospice "Chestnut Tree House".

As the event drew closer, I questioned what I had gotten myself into. I began to feel quite nervous. The closest thing I had done to this was climbing the rope at the gym and launching myself off trees at Go Ape. Nowhere near the 100-metre platform that you need to step out on, to abseil this tower. But hey ho, I was doing it for charity, and I couldn't let them down.

So... I built myself up and let go of the nerves... and then... it was postponed due to COVID_19!! I can't lie, I felt relieved. This was in April.

I got another date through for 6th September and in the week leading up to the event, again I felt nervous. But something surprising happened. On the morning of 'The Jump', the nervousness turned into excitement. I had told myself, its OK to feel the fear as long as it doesn't stop you from doing the things that you want to do. Yes, I have read "Feel the Fear and do it anyway" - a great book by Susan Jeffers.

I'm so glad that I did it as it was a fantastic experience. And if you are afraid of heights, it would be a good way to conquer your fears. If you do it for charity, it will make you less likely to let the nerves take over and back out. After all, how can you let everyone down??

We all get anxious at times - and that's OK. But if you find that your anxiety is stopping you from doing the things that you love - that is Not OK.

Bowen therapy can help with anxiety as it aims to balance the Sympathetic (fight/flight) and Parasympathetic (rest/digest) Nervous Systems.
Often, when people come into their first session, they are quite tense and stressed. This is because they are not quite sure what will happen. By the time they turn over, there are the tell-tale sounds of the gurgling belly. This is a sign that they are calming down and going into the Rest and Digest phase.

Don't let anxiety take over - Remember "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway".

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