Three Ways Facial Reflexology Can Help With Sinus Problems


Three Ways Facial Reflexology Can Help With Sinus Problems

We all struggle with a blocked nose from time to time. You will know full well that terribly annoying feeling of having a nostril – or, heaven forbid, both nostrils – clogged up and not allowing you to breathe properly. You can’t sleep, nor can you ever really forget about it. Thankfully, for most of us, these blocked nose episodes are few and far between. However, as a reflexologist in Bognor Regis, I know how many people suffer from sinus and/or headache problems that just don’t let up, and I am here to provide the relief they need through targeted facial reflexology.

Want to know more? Here are three ways that facial reflexology addresses sinus problems and allows you to go about your daily life.

Targets Blockages

Your sinus cavities are usually filled with air, but often they can become blocked for a number of reasons. We have four pairs of sinus cavities in total – below, between, above, and behind your eyes – and it can be the case that you have problems with a particular cavity. Through reflexology treatment, I will gently massage your face in such a way that channels air back into this affected area. Certain techniques can be used to increase the flow of circulation to a certain part of your sinuses, meaning you get a treatment that actually addresses the particular problem at hand.

Regulate Breathing

Along with being used to give relief to a specific area, my facial reflexology service in Bognor Regis is designed to help your face relax as a whole. The treatment removes all tension from your facial muscles and, in turn, brings you out of that habitual “fight or flight” mode and towards a state of “rest and digest”. This entire process is deeply relaxing and naturally brings your breathing back to how it should be. In other words, your sinuses get a welcome break!

Improves the Entire Healing System

Reflexology as a treatment is an essentially holistic process. It stimulates the entire body, rather than just the area I’m working on. When it comes to your sinuses, they can often become inflamed, or even infected. While facial reflexology does not explicitly cure these problems, it does stimulate your body’s innate healing capacities through activating the nervous system, which means any inflammation or infection can heal faster with a course of facial reflexology treatments.

Constantly struggling with a blocked nose? Are your normal remedies for bad sinuses not working for some reason? If so, I am here to give you a hand through friendly personalised facial reflexology in Bognor Regis. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call and ask any questions.

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