How Bowen Therapy Can Help With Back Pain

For most people out there, life during the week is spent mainly in a sedentary position. The sad fact of modern life is that those who work office jobs, or work from home, have no choice but to be hunched over their laptop/desktop for eight hours a day. This way of living inevitably causes some problems with your back. Poor posture over a prolonged period of time can lead to Sacroiliac Discomfort – a problem that I have treated on many occasions as a Bowen therapist in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. 


When using Bowen therapy for back pain in particular, I don’t just look at the specific area of discomfort – your lower back, for instance. We will look at your body as a whole; the technique addresses many different forms of back pain that stem from various conditions, imbalances, and stresses. You may even find that other issues you live with, like sinus pain or hay fever (especially bad at this time of year), go away as well. 


And it happens remarkably quickly! Bowen therapy offers a faster form of relief than more popular therapies like physiotherapy or seeing a chiropractor due to the fact that it actively reduces the pressure around the area as the surrounding soft tissue relaxes in response to the treatment. I have had clients in the past whose back pain problems have been sorted in just three sessions. You will be amazed at how your body heals once you allow it to properly relax for a moment!


You’ll also be glad to hear that Bowen therapy is just as useful for back pain that hasn’t been caused by prolonged sitting. While this is of course the most common contributor to back discomfort, back pain also sometimes stems from a fall or accident from years or even decades ago. It could be that dehydration, underlying emotional issues, or high levels of stress contribute to back pain as well. That is why I will always ask you about water intake, stress levels, sleep quality, diet, lifestyle patterns during our initial consultation. 


Having this information about you – along with any past injuries/issues you may have experienced – means I can adapt my Bowen therapy to you. Back pain comes in many different forms, after all. Take it from someone who has given more than enough Bowen treatments to know!


So, if you find yourself having trouble with back pain, I am here to offer Bowen therapy in Bognor Regis, West Sussex that helps you relax, recover, and feel like yourself again. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at any time!

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