The Impact of Anxiety and Stress On the Body
Let’s face it: we all lead pretty stressful lives, whether we think it or not. The day is full of many different pressures and looming deadlines, and it can be hard to properly switch off. We tend to push through and try to live with this stress, ignoring its presence, but its impact can be […]
Introducing the ‘Zone Face Lift’
I am delighted to share with you all my new treatment – the Zone Face Lift.  This is a deeply satisfying experience that is not just relaxing but also extremely rejuvenating for your skin, as well as doing wonders for the mind. Developed by the award-winning reflexologist, Ziggie Bergman, it draws from a combination of […]
Why Professional Athletes Use Bowen Therapy
As someone who has worked as a Bowen therapist in Bognor Regis for many years, I’ve come across people of all ages and backgrounds who need my treatment for one reason or another. Some use Bowen therapy for back pain, others come to me with sinus problems, and many are simply looking to rebalance themselves.  […]
How Bowen Therapy Can Help With Back Pain
For most people out there, life during the week is spent mainly in a sedentary position. The sad fact of modern life is that those who work office jobs, or work from home, have no choice but to be hunched over their laptop/desktop for eight hours a day. This way of living inevitably causes some […]

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