How Bowen Therapy Helps With Sciatica
If you have had sciatica before, or know someone who has had it, you will know just how much of a pain it is. Sometimes, it can feel like the only thing we can talk about! The  condition pops up for a number of people, usually later in life, and causes a nasty shooting pain […]
How Bowen Therapy Helps With Frozen Shoulder
Along with providing Bowen therapy in Bognor Regis, West Sussex to help people feel less stressed, many clients use the treatment to manage specific physical problems – one of these being frozen shoulder. I know how annoying frozen shoulder can be. Feeling like your movement is restricted will naturally get you down. We all want […]
When did you last have some Me Time?
Facial Reflexology: The Ideal Way To Enjoy Some Precious “Me Time” As anyone will be able to tell you, there comes a time when life gets a bit too much for us.  We spend so much of the week scurrying around, trying to complete the hundreds of mini tasks that come our way, and in […]
The Impact of Anxiety and Stress On the Body
Let’s face it: we all lead pretty stressful lives, whether we think it or not. The day is full of many different pressures and looming deadlines, and it can be hard to properly switch off. We tend to push through and try to live with this stress, ignoring its presence, but its impact can be […]

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