7 Tips to prevent back pain when gardening
With the lovely sunny weather that we’re having, it’s great to get out into the garden and reap what you’ve seen. I recently went to my sister for the weekend and spent half an hour picking an abundance of blackcurrants from her garden. It was amazing to benefit from all this fresh fruit without having […]
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
So… this is me. On Sunday, I abseiled The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, to raise funds for local children’s hospice “Chestnut Tree House”. As the event drew closer, I questioned what I had gotten myself into. I began to feel quite nervous. The closest thing I had done to this was climbing the rope at […]
Relax with Reflexology
I am pleased to be able to offer Reflexology as well as Bowen therapy now. I decided to become a Reflexologist purely by accident. I had been reading up about the Zone Facelift, created by Ziggie Bergman and thought it looked really interesting. It has been hailed as the natural alternative to Botox and is […]
Bone Density
Last week I had a horse-riding accident and as a result, broke my wrist. That happened on Thursday and they put a temporary cast on until they could do Block therapy on the following Tuesday. When I was told this, I pictured the scene in Misery where Kathy Bates smashes James Caan’s ankles. I was […]

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